Studio - Nicole Portlock Ceramics

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‘Wave of Memory’ is a porcelain box series which have been smoke fired. This work looks at the way memories are recalled, often parts are forgotten or merged with other memories changing the original events with this overlay of added or lost elements. We like to think that our memories are fixed but they are really in motion, just by remembering - the memories are changed.  The work reflects this as wet clay (which represents the present) is embedded with clay which is either leather-hard or dry (this represents the past).  Sometimes the wet clay accepts the drier pieces, sometimes it doesn’t and only the impression of the part is left.  The work is created with these time points in mind, cracks and distortions are opened before overlaying on a box with a wave form to give the idea of motion.  Smoke firing the work then creates the look of stone under the light play of water, and as water erodes rocks over time, the passing of time erodes our memories.
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