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My work is often based around themes or current research, so ideas and inspiration can come from a myriad of places, but my forms are mostly vessel based. Pieces are made with porcelain, sometimes on the wheel or hand built. I love the alternative firing methods for my work, but I am currently working with naked clay techniques.

‘Memory Box’ International Ceramic Biennial, Latvia (1st Dec to 21st Jan 2018)
‘Clayworks at the Printworks’ Ceramics Ireland, Dublin (12th Aug to 27th Aug 2017)
Irish Ceramic Award Exhibition, Mill Cove, Kenmare (6th Aug to 21st Aug 2017)
'Off Center' Blue Line Arts, Roseville, California, USA (14th Apr to 27th May 2017)
Bass Rock Gallery, Dunbar, Scotland (20th Mar to 10th Apr 2017)
Irish Ceramic Awards Exhibition, Mill Cove, Kenmare (31st Jul to 14th Aug 2016)
Ceramics Ireland Open Exhibition, Farmleigh, Dublin (1st to 17th Jul 2016)
The Craft Town Scotland Exhibition, Ayrshire (6th Feb to 27th Mar 2016)
Greenacres Festival Opera Exhibition, Wexford (17th Oct to 8th Nov 2015)
Irish Ceramic Award Exhibition, Castletownbere (2nd to 31st Aug 2015)
Greenacres Gallery Summer Exhibition, Wexford (4th Jul to 21st Aug 2015)
Mill Cove Ceramic Commission, Mill Cove, Kenmare (17th Apr to 17th May 2015)
Irish Ceramic Exhibition, The Open Window, Dublin 6 (8th Mar to 17th Apr 2015)
PORTFOLIO @ Solomon Fine Art, Dublin (29th Jan to 14th Mar 2015)
Irish Ceramic Exhibition, Mill Cove, Kenmare (20th Nov to 10th Jan 2015)
'Culture of Clay, Hunt Museum, Limerick (21st Aug to 12th Oct 2014)
My work can be found nationally and internationally, please contact me for a list of current venues     
'Ceramics Ireland 40th Anniversary Book' 2018  
'Memory Box' Published by the Mark Rothko Art Centre, Latia 2018
'Off Center' Published by Blue Line Arts (ISBN: 9781545083307) 2017
Irish Ceramics Book 2015
'Culture of Clay'  Published by the Hunt Museum (ISBN: 978-0-9928934-1-5)

'Irish Ceramics in Education Lectures' Ceramics Ireland Issue 36 2015 p.15
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